Meet Our Leadership Team

Jami Peters
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Judy Geriot
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Corporate Dimensions is a full-service face-to-face marketing agency serving global clients in industries ranging from healthcare and technology to manufacturing and financial services.

We combine fresh and surprising creative strategies with a fanatical attention to detail and flawless execution – carefully crafting once-in-a-lifetime experiences that audiences never forget.

We work as an extension of your executive, marketing and sales teams to translate your passion for your products into events that create real and sustainable advantage.

Our team is comprised of highly inventive, experienced professionals all at the top of their game, who have chosen this profession above all others.  We have earned a reputation for delivering brilliant ideas and are known for our flawless execution.

We have mastered The Art of Detail.

Since 2000, Corporate Dimensions has produced meetings and events in virtually every major city in North America, as well as numerous countries around the globe, with audiences of every size and every budget.

We have established a powerful and talented network of resources that enable us to scale quickly and work anywhere in the world.  Our “secret sauce” is our collective experience, creativity, innovative design, technical and production expertise, and a resource network that’s second to none.

Our goal is not to be the biggest event company because that often entails loss of quality. Our goal is to be the very best at what we do.

We work hard, we work smart and we are one team, working toward one vision, YOURS.